HID 取り付ける説明書

1. Open the car hood, and remove the left and right front headlight assembly and front bumper, if there is enough space to install the case, you can not to pluck to check headlights or front bumper.

2.  Open the rear cover headlight assembly and remove the halogen lamps, fit halogen bulbs into models of HID headlamps. NOTE: Verify that the pressure spring in place, to see whether it will touch the hood and the head of the headlight bulbs, if necessary, tools are available to make appropriate adjustments.

3. Headlight assembly or perforated the middle of the rear and cover the gap in the neighboring to to accomplish the line group of the HID bulb placement, and shut the shade and check the seal in order to anti-water.

4. with strong double-sided adhesive or screws to fix the engine compartment Ballast. HID limit the scope of the working conditions of -40 ℃ to 100 ℃, so try to avoid the engine, water tanks, air-conditioning and other high temperature locations, choose a good location of the ventilation cooling.

5. when you close the headlight switch wiring to prevent electric shock, positive and negative wiring must be correct. Multimeter or test light can be used to confirm positive and negative lines, then large lines must be welded to prevent being exposed, so as not to affect the HID work properly.

6, because the HID and halogen light-emitting principle of distinction, each start what needs to 10A of current, fuse requirements: two lights together with a Paul Insurance wire specification 20A, and a separate fuse specification 15A.

7, check if the two headlights are working properly, if the light does not shine or flashing, please replace the battery for more than 70A (power supply shortage will be cited from this failure).

8, check the suitability of  high and low headlights, please do not put optical power to be adjusted upwards, otherwise it will affect the other drivers and driving safety.

9, under any circumstances, please do not carry out dismantling and transformation, destruction, or we will not assume any responsibility.

10, please carefully read the manual before installation and then install the HID lamp,  any loss and damage caused without follow our instruction, we will not assume the responsibilities

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