HID キセノン色温度

 HID Xenon Color Temperature

Unit: absolute temperature (Kelvin, K) color temperature to absolute temperature to K, is a standard black (for example, platinum) heating, temperature increases to a certain extent at the beginning color from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo (blue-violet), purple, gradually changing, the use of such light-color changes the nature of their source of light in color and black-hue at the same time, we will be called blackbody temperature at the time of the color temperature of the light source. 3000 K color temperature around, the light color Pianhuang. In 5000 K color temperature over time, light color Pianlan. Different color temperature of light, with different lighting and visual effects. Different color temperature to different colors of light as the following picture.

Different wavelengths gives the eyes a different color perception, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue-violet), Violet. With the eyes of the sensitivity of the wavelength change and strong changes. For example, in good lighting conditions, the eyes of 550 nm wavelength of light (yellow light) is the sensitivity of the red or blue light 20 times. This is why most of the fog lights and the road to the yellow light of street lamps using an important reason. Color temperature measurement is the standard color temperature does not measure the brightness of light. Halogen by the color temperature of 2300 K to 7000 K; HID lights the color temperature from 4200 K to over 8000 K; higher color temperature of light, its fog and rain penetration of the worse (the less-liang). Following is the performance of different color temperature:

Light color temperature-effects

3000K yellow light, strong penetration

4300K in a yellowish white, the original car with xenon lights (hid kits )

5000K all-white, the highest temperature in Europe

6000K all-white, slightly blue

6500K under the sun during the day

7000-8000K white band in the clear blue

8000K over the Blu-ray, poor penetration

Recommended: 6000 K color temperature is about the most is a little white to blue start of the color temperature, the human eye receptive, not fatigue, improve security, and halogen lamp is poor.

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