HID 品質について

Glaring seriously is not good quality.

   The original lamp-halogen lamp will not glare, but many xenon lamp will, why? It is the manufacturers' duty. Although the halogen and xenon lamp is not same model, however, if the optical axis center can be positioned at the shining center of the bulb, the problem will be reduced to the smallest.


II. The higher the color temperature, the better the HID is a wrong idea.

    Take halogen lamp as example, the normal halogen is about 1450Lm(Lumen), 4300K is 3200Lm, 5100K is 2700Lm, 6000K is 2500Lm, but the 10000K bulb is only 2000Lm, it is 40% more less than 4300K bulb.

    Excluding the brightness, the penetration is another problem. People can see the lightwave between 380nm(purple) to 770nm(red), however, the shorter the lightwave, the bad the penetration, the more difficult to through water vapor and mist, and is easy to refract.

   The reason why the super white bulb just like did not turn on in rainy light before, is that the light is refracted by the water on the road.

 The higher the color temperature, the worse the penetration and the smaller the brightness. 


III. The stability set power makes long life.

   The work pressure is not the determinants of color temperature but the metal halide filler and the pressure in glass ball ( the higher the color temperature, the more the pressure).

   The set current will provide a stability work current, with the increase of HID pipe pressure, the outlet power(P=VI) will become 45W even 45W from 35W, and the extra power will burn the bulb setting bed, even will burn the lamp or ballast.

  If the power is stability, the circuit will adjust the current along with the up or down of pipe pressure to make the consumption of all system always keep at 35W.

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